Bespoke Lampshades

Shape and Size

Define the shape and the size of the lampshade.

I can design many different lampshade forms, from classical round, oval or square shapes to unique shapes such as Alsacien square, Spanish square, Octofaces, and many other shapes that I cannot even name! Visit my gallery to view my work! Sizes can vary according to your specifications, from a bedside lamp to a huge hall suspension.

Fabric and Lining

I have library of fabrics but of course my inventory has limitations. If you don’t have any specific idea, I can show you the many fabrics I have in stock to help you make up your mind, from friendly patterned cotton to coloured silk and bright taffetas.

If you have already found a fabric you love, I can work with that. I will be happy to create your lampshade with the fabric you identified. It will be the perfect lampshade for your home, unique and very personal.

I do not use adhesive for a fast finish. My hand-crafted lampshades have hand finished rolled edges, a very meticulous work that requires patience and time for such a beautiful result! The interior lining of your lampshade is in PVC, it can be white as often seen, but also matt gold, shiny gold, transparent or even double face with different fabrics on the outside and the inside (this is particularly lovely for a child’s room). The choice of interior lining is important as it defines the type of light that will filter through the lampshade. Light can have a degree of opacity, reflection, diffusion or not be filtered at all through transparent linings.


Last but not least, pick up the right trimming. A trimming will enhance the shape and your chosen pattern. It will give your lampshade a refined look that you will never see elsewhere. I have a lot of trimmings in stock that I bought either in Hong Kong or in France. Trimmings can be thin or large, simple or sophisticated, gold or coloured. I love trimmings!