The Baladeuse is an original concept offered by the Hong Kong Lampshade Studio. Without a base, these lampshades are installed directly on the wall of your choice. From the bedroom to the living room this design allows you to add light wherever you want.

The Baladeuse lampshade is the standard diameter -20 cm- of a bedroom lampshade . Composed of a white lining inside and a bright fabric outside, the lampshade is meticulously created in our studio. The French touch is seen in the attention to details, with the double trimming outside and the single trimming inside, these hints of colour bring simple elegance and chic to your home.

The Baladeuse is carefully packaged with everything you’ll need: the lampshade of your choice, the wooden support and a 2-metre long fabric-covered electrical wire that matches the color of the lampshade. The on-off switch is at 70 cm from the HK socket.

Installing the Baladeuse on the wall is very simple. Just screw the white wooden support provided in the package directly on the wall and thread the wire through the holes designed specifically in the wooden support, then the lamp will hang happily in your home!

The big benefit of this lamp is that a table is no longer needed – no need to make room for a coffee table, just find a plug and switch it on! This chic and easy design is what draws so many people to have already adopted one in their home.

For more information about these lamps, contact us directly on WhatsApp:+852 9224 5056